Neža and Samo freediving

Our Road to Vertical Blue 2018

Neza Cec Reportaže, Tekmovanja

Welcome to our first video blog!

As the name suggests, we will show you our preparation for Vertical Blue 2018 competition, which is a depth freediving competition taking place from 16th to 26th of July in Dean's Blue Hole in Bahamas. We will give you different tips and tricks, share the struggles and joyful moments of the competition and above all else share our love for the sport of freediving.

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Your freediving couple,
Neža & Samo


Neža Čeč

I started freediving in March 2016, so with roughly two years under my belt I can call myself an intermediate freediver that still has loads to learn. You will be able to follow my transition from pool training only to maximizing my depth performance in a few short weeks before the competition.

Personal bests before competition

CWT: 68m   CNF:   43m   FIM: 60m

Samo Jeranko

I am a professional freediver, SSI instructor trainer and ex swimmer. Years of depth training gave me extensive experience and made me an expert in depth adaptation and lung squeeze prevention. Watch our videos to learn how you can progress in depth as well!

Personal bests before competition

CWT: 108m   CNF:   78m   FIM: 83m